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Robot is semi-intelligent

I called him "SEMI" because, he is semi-intelligent. He can comunicate with me, with graphic display, mobile phone. He circumventing obstacles, play music, comunicate, speak, etc....

I'm from Croatia, so my english is no verry good...

But you can get more information and pictures here: http://www.elektronika.korisnik.com/moji-projekti/

(you can use google translate to translate my web page   :-) 


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This is frst robot I put on this site !

More upgrades, and pictures comming soon ! 

Semi intelligent? Meaning he will learn and think like wall-E/Johnny 5? When you get a hold of that code, drop me a wire!

Yes ! He will think, and learn... but he will not be like ASIMO or wall-E ;)

After I finish I will put the some code here ! 

Very Good!

thanks for your comment on my robot.

I'll buy some new part's for robot tomorrow... and then I'm going to work :) ...

Pictures with upgrades on robot comming soon !! 

Embarking on the job. Month and a half and I hope the robot will be completed.



First ver. 1.0 is finished. I'm now working on ver.2.0 ;)