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Rally-LMR 2010

Line follower

Hallo Guys!!!

Because my Remot Control of "Fishing robo(A)t" is broken, have I a little time for next robots.

I wanted always to build a Line Follower robot. This is very easy robot. He has two CMY70 sensors, but he can drive with only one sensor. 






















Here you can see one CMY70



and here second.



I built also one SRF05 Ultrasonic.




More photos of the building can you see in a first film.

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How did you make the robot go faster? Was it just improved code?

I like the angular sensor with the white/grey/black segments.

yeah, that last one was interesting, not sure how he was doing that with 1 sensor unless it was using a reflected light that was between the black and the brown....

That certianly cuts down on the number of sensors....I wonder how it would work with the maze type line setups though.


Three rounds were with modified code and in the last round took Michael Schumacher. I paid him € 200.000 ;).

In reality in the last lap used I only one CMY70.

The code is very simple: The robot moves first from the line and then back to the line.

I suspect:

One sensor for a maze is is too little. More sensors can I not install, because are ADC inputs for "Picaxe 28X1" number 1 and 4 broken.  

actually i think you could do a maze. You need to to sweep a bit for staying on the line and sweep the sensor alot for finding the turns. You could but it may not be easy.