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Anyone ever see a video of an electric motor with toroid stators before?

Hello Everyone,

I came across a video on Youtube of a motor that uses toroid stators. I have NEVER seen a motor use toroid stators before. 

This motor is called the "E-Orbo" and a company named Steorn is launching it this month.

Here is the link to the video.


There are two interesting things about this motor. First, a toroid keeps most of it's flux inside of itself. I never thought that toroids could be used in a motor.

Secondly, the company claims that it does not experience back EMF.

I also see that there are a bunch of folks on Youtube who are trying to replicate it. I might do so myself.





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It's a popular "free energy" topic, I think it's called a "Steorn motor".

I don't think the example motor would be very powerful with the wide spacing between poles.

If you are interested in quirky ideas for motor design do a google on the gemini motor. Although it's been around for years and I can't say I've seen an example in an application yet, I do like the idea behind it. Designer is David Ettridge.

Here's the link


I wish I knew this thing was going on is Dublin! Would have loved to be at that presentation! 

Steorn has posted another video. It is a video of their second talk.


Steorn's Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction COP is greater than 1. Part 1 of 5



There are supposed to be two more talks this month.

Steorn has posted two more videos.

They claim these videos prove the E-Orbo is overunity.

Steorn Orbo - Proving Overunity 1/2


Steorn Orbo - Proving Overunity 2/2


What do you think?
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