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stepper motors

I ripped apart a couple of flat bed scanners looking for gears. So I have two stepper motors in my kit box that takes up valuable space. If anybody got inspired by this and want to give stepper motors a shot, just give me your adress and I'll send one your way for free in about two weeks (vacation atm).


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My package arrived yesterday, and Dude! Now I feel rotten..

I was the one giving stuff away, but I got the steppers for free and didn't pay for shipping..

You on the other hand sent me gears that were obviously bought and not scavanged, AND you paid for shipping them to Norway.

So, in my effort to be nice, Ive gained some free, of-the-shelf equipment. While TheCowGod (who I was trying to be kind to) paid real money to give me stuff he'd bought for himself..


Well TheCowGod: The next time you're in Oslo, I'l buy you a couple of beers. Considering that a normal pint costs $10 in Norway, that should settle things pretty quick, right? 

 / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Don't worry about it :) I hope the gears are useful. I just got your motors in the mail too, they look fun, can't wait to play with them :) And sure, I'll drop you a line next time I'm in Oslo. It only cost me about $8 to ship those gears, so you can call it even at one pint :)


As stated previously I cannot send them untill early August because I'm on vacation. Is that still OK with you? 


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Hi there. I'd happily take that stepper motor off your hands. I'll send you my address in a private message, thanks. And you should send me yours, because I think I might be able to scrounge up some gears.