Let's Make Robots!

My First Robot

I thought I'd wait until I'd made my first robot before making my first post.  As you can see below, it's a complete rip-off of the (excellent!) first robot tutorial.  The differences are that I had to tweak the code to make him move forward/left/right properly, and also that mine is a bit more hairy due to an abundance of wires :-)  Not the sleekest of robots, but he'll be cannibalised pretty soon.

first robot

So now I have some basictools and components, I think I'll try something of my own.  I'd like tomove from picaxe to arduino, mainly due to the fact that although picaxe is good enough for this purpose, it really burns to use Basic (my day job is mainly C++ programming with some Java every now and then).  It'll be a good experience to do something largely off my own back (with the help of the internet of course!)

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Cool! I like your wiring :D And welcome to LMR!

Cheers - I thought I'd take a photo for posterity and cannibalise the bits, including the easily reused long wires - as expected, it's now in bits, to be rebuilt stronger, faster and perhaps less hairy :-)