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Okay so i busted the conection on my SFR04 and unlike some people out there i dont have the money to splash out or patcients to wait a week for another one to be delivered.


If you can connect power lins any where else on this board please somone help. 






 It is the end pin not the one with a piceof wire sticking out by the way.

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Thank you!! 

sorry fritsl my best regards.



How about you solder some of those to the sensor and use these:




to solder the wires to, and connect/disconnect as needed, i've always done that, easy to mount/dismount in case you have to show how you assembled something etc, and for robots with removable parts those are just perfect ^^





ooo very nice pin headers right ? used in alot of electrical plug and play systems in a computer


used in everything, every PCB i have has at least two of those pins :P

yeah :P ive built a bot !!! by the way. All i need now is sensors but have the basic structure, ill have my sfr005 tomrow or the day after it depends on the weather because my package is stuck because of the snow here. Bummer hey !. Do you have any knoledge on circuitry if so i would like to build a IR range finder but the parts i have im not to sure if they are compatible, ill give you a brife explanation : Ok so i have two sets of TX & RX IR but they do not have 3 pins only 2 so yeah there it is lol.

 Going back on topic i have used pin header's before but i find them very difficult to solder ( im not very good at soldering anyway), so maybe you could give me some pointers. 

 thank's again amado u have been an awsom help !!!. 

Take a look at this node for details on building an IR detector system from 'discrete' parts like the ones you seem to have. You can make a version that's slightly simpler than what OddBot has posted, but it's worth making one similar to his design for a first attempt.

You can also make a more complex IR ranger, using modulated signals, filtering, lensing optics and higher resolution ADCs, but you should start off easy =)

I love the amount of help people are giving to me its realy keeping my spirits up ( just got of a substance and this is the thing thats stoped me lol ) Robotics rules thanks i will check out the link thank you ever so much its much apriciated !!!.
Keep plugging away
Thank's man as i said in the privious message all this enthusiam is keeping me going =].