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Simple test with PICAXE and a monster truck

Just tried out controlling my radio controlled monster truck with the picaxe. It's a simple test run of forward, turn left then right and then stop. I put the car in a spot that almost made it reach the bathroom :-). Notice how the breadboard almost flies off when the car turns... a really solid construction! :-)


I'm looking forward to making something useful out of this car... it can go pretty fast!

Dang! I can't seem to embed video in a blog post???

Well you can watch it on youtube

- Jimmy

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Way nice platform!

Way dark video!


i understand that you want to build something out of that platform, my fingers are itching already!! And you have motor-control and everything?

Wohaa.. Why not add an EasyRadio module to it, make it remote-controlled toy with a twist; "Auto-obstacle-avoidance" Something like this:



- So you and the other kids all have remote-controlled cars.. But yours

A) Never drives into anything

B) Has a few extra buttons to press, whereafter your RC makes tricks!! :)

C) Can change mode, press X on your joystick and it goes autonomous

D) Can stear right ahead on a small ramp; Drive towards it, press Y, and it takes over and by itself steers towards the object (ramp) infront of it

E) It is remote-controlled, onto you drive it into another room (IR-contact lost), where it will be autonomous, and come back, whereafter you turn it back into manual steering

.. :D


/ Frits

I was actually thinking of having the original radio control present on the robot so if something goes wrong I could override the robot's own behaviour. Only problem is that I would need to interpret the servo signals from the radio control and I haven't tried that kind of thing yet.

It would be great though if I were to for example let a neural net control the robot since the kind of neural net I would use would need some training and that could be done be remote controlling it and letting it record data and learn from the data. Then I could press a button and make it autonomous and it would use what it had just learnt.

Anyway... that's something for future development on the robot. Right now it will do basic line following and maybe have ultrasonic sensor to keep it from running straight into things.

- Jimmy

See how the motor-drivers (I suppose that's what they are) are connected with servo-wires on this one..


/ Frits