Let's Make Robots!

Wireless Ethernet controlled Linux Robot


I built this robot for a friend of mine in exchange for some awesome machine shop work. 

It features the following components:

  • Max 96 Round Mobile Robot Platform
  • TS-7250 200 Mhz ARM9 Single Board Computer running Linux
  • Hc11 MC Processor
  • Senscomp Sonar Units
  • Devantech Compass Module
  • Linksys Wireless Broadband Router

The purpose of this robot was the develop navigation routines and when those failed, avoid objects.


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That kinda remind me of HCR [home care robot] from www.roboticfan.com


So.. are you building another for LMR, and this one with camera, and an interface to control it - an interface that we can have on the frontpage of LMR?
That is not a bad idea.  I am starting on a new project which will have some improvments over Egbert.  The only obstacle to allowing web control for everyone is a "play pin" to put it in. 
A play pin?!?

"box" in Dutch. In Google image search:


If I put a robot up for control by anyone over the internet.  I need an environment for it to roam around in.  My office, home and workshop are too cluttered (messy) for the robot to move around. 

 Here is(was) a internet controlled robot that anyone that logged on could drive it around the office.  He is much more organized than me :-).

 Here is the link - I don't think he ever has it up for control anymore, but it was pretty cool when it was.