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Questions about Sparkfun shipping

Hello, i'd like to buy some stuff from sparkfun.. The question is: do they ship to Italy? I searched the site but they don't tell which countries are supported and which not. Also, what shipping method should i use? There's a cheap $20 or such but i guess it's only for US (right?) or a quite expensive (about $60) fedex shipping.

Also, how does the prices get converted to euro? Are there some extra costs?

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For anyone interested, Sparkfun replied me, here's the answer (i don't think there's anything wrong in posting it for others):

We do ship to Italy via both US Post and FedEx. The shipping options and their prices are calculated during checkout.
We submit the charges to the credit card in US dollars. They then convert the value to Euros at that day's exchange rate. 

CaptainTuna, indeed laser tag looks great..One could even set up some automated ranking or tournament calculation :)


no i'm not, i play airsoft though (known as softair in italian, we basically use replicas of real firearms which shoot 6mm plastic pellets) but i think laser tag is much better for many reasons...that is why i wanted to try it out

Hello fellow italian robot builder :) I'm from Venice.. Not very far but probably too distant to share an order..

I've sent an email to sparkfun to requst some more info anyway, i'm waiting for an answer.

Btw i've read your post about the IR and LaserTag.. That combat stuff is interesting.. are you part of the Laser Tag Italia group?

they haven't specified anything so i guess they do ship worldwide...and about the pricing, well if i well understood there are 4 options which range from 4$ (not insured & not trackable) to 40$ (insured, trackable and fast).

for the currency conversion just go here http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic (but any other site will do, that's the first one i've found) 

if we live close enough we cuold also place an order together (i'm in Mantova :) i'm just keeping it english so that everybody can understand)