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IR transmission

Hi guys!

some years ago i found a site talking about laser tag and i really liked it. but since i play airsoft and i like realism much, i didn't like some aspects of this module (some unrealistic things that i wasn't quite fond of) but now that i am learning how to make bots and use PICs i thought: why can't i try to make a module of my own?

making a laser tag shooter involves of course using an IR emitter and receiver (since there's already a post on receivers i'll only ask about the transmission)

this site talks about the protocol used in the module i was talking about before: http://www.lasertagparts.com/mtformat.htm

as you can see it is based on pulses and on their timings. Could i manage to do something similar by attaching an IR led to my picaxe? i'm not really sure about what i'm gonna say but: can't this be achieved by using high <ledpin> and low <ledpin> and putting a pause command in between them?

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i have found a tutorial for reception:


do you know how can i connect via uart the TSOP to my picaxe board?