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another first robot question

Is it possible to use a servo with the darlington driver in?

the start here link tells you to take it out, but wouldn't it help keep down the noise that you get, especially with the SRF05?

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if the darlington is missing the resistor you place in the holes is gonna connect the output pins to your 28 Pic, else they'll be just disconnected. If you really want to keep your darlington in you could somehow mod it, taking out (or doing something else) two of its pins (one on the left and one on the right) and place a resistor instead.


wait... you could just shift it so you leave 2 pins (left and right) free for the resistor...i think that would work, but i advise you to wait for someone to confirm what i said

the thing i don't understand now is,  where does the output connection on the 28 pin project board go if the darlington is missing?

and would it work to keep it in and jump over it with the 330 ohm resistor?

It's current limiting. I link to a document here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/615 where there is a description of servos. A quote: "The voltage to the control line should be applied through a 10k resistor to limit the current in case something fries."

will removing the darlington affect the ability to power other stuff, such as LEDs?


No it won't. The fact is if you want to use servos you shoudl replace the darlington with the yellow chip OR 330ohm resistors. The resistor helps to filter out noise and makes the servo work "better".
To be quit ehonest, I do not think anybody REALLY knows shy thet 330 Ohm needs to be there. Filtering noise.. Reducing curent.. It may be something completely different, but all manuals says it neds to be there so..
i guess using the darlington will amplify the current to much for the servo, that's why it is better to use a 330 ohm resistor
No. Take it out and use a 330 ohm resistor.