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how to build a manual combat robot within 3kg lmit

i have participated at a tech fest and hav 2 build a combat robo help me

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The most annoying thing about your post are the inaccurate titles. Without at least a question mark at the end it sounds like a tip/walkthrough.

Please post specific questions about a robot you are already constructing and title them appropriately. Stop expecting us to design your robot for you.

nice work benbo, but seriously we cant help you without knowing

rules of the game

how much do you know about robotics

what systems you want on the robot 

as said before budget ,


 just to get you started , those are good motors , that is an australian supplyer though , or go to a car wreckers and get windscreen wiper motors etc 

This page has helped me to no end, and I think it will suit your needs equally well.

Start Here

Good luck and may the force be with you.



I am sure people here will be more then happy to assist, however posts like that never get a good response. i.e. you did not ask a question, and basically you illuded to "Can you guys do all the work for me?". the answer to that question is no. If you have a specific question we will be more then happy to help.


On a side note, I build and fight combat robots as well, if you dont know the rules of the event plus have an idea allready on what you want it to be like (armor, physical form, power source, motors, weapons) then this is probably not the best way to go about getting started in combat robotics.


Also you will need to figure out a budget, some of the big boys at the events (100KG+ ) cost upwards of $20,000 to build by the time they are ready for combat.


Once again I dont mind helping with information and pointing you in the right direction, but I am not going to design the robot for you, and you are going to need to be more specific as to the rules of the event and the robot you are trying to build.