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robots reacting to sound

I've spent most of today daydreaming about the possibility of modifying the 'start here' robot to include some kind of sesiivity to sound.

 My idea is to have 2-4 microphones around the robots body.  When the robot hears a sound, he compare the levels between the sensors, and turns to face in the direction of the strongest level.

 this way you could clap to draw your robot's attention, and make him act a bit more like a living thing.


That's the idea...now the technical side....how do i interface a number of microphones to the PICAXE's analogue inputs?

so far i've found this interfacing circuit ...but it seems to me thatit's far too complex and bulky to have a numbe rof these on the same robot. :/


anybody have any ideas...do you think this could work by just directly hooking up piezo transducers to the analogue inputs?  (i think the sensitivity would be far too low then though).


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I would simply set them up with voltage dividers. Like IR's.

And cool idea :) You would have to make the mics extremely directional, perhaps put them into tubes. And you would need calibration, as the mics pr default (even if a sound was made right over it's head) would produce highly different levels.. So it may be hard, but go for it!!It could be interesting!!

i was thinking of using old earphones instead of microphones....do you think it would work if i set them up in series with a resistor and tap-off the the connection between the earphone and teh resistor to the analogue IN?


Any ideas on how i would size the resistor?


I don't really think directionality would be such a big issue.  i was thinking of settign a threshold above which an input to the mics would actually be considered as a sound, and tehn just comparing teh levels at that instant between the four mics, and follow the highest one....but this is jjust speculation..i'll need to get my hands dirty before i know anything.

Funny, I was just thinking about trying this very same approach yesterday. Let us know how it goes!
Okay so somehow I accidentally clicked on the button to take me to the last page of posts instead of the fist page and thus I commented on a four year old thread. Oh well.