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Simple three-servo hexapod walker using the Pololu Micro Maestro

Walks forward and backward, turns in place, avoids obstacles.

This is a simple three-servo hexapod robot using the Pololu Micro Maestro as a controller.  The Micro Maestro allows allows me to sequence gaits and integrate sensor readings for obstacle avoidance.

I have posted complete build instructions and a video that I hope people will take a look at.  Anyone who has decent soldering skills should be able to build this robot in an afternoon or so, and I think that there are a lot of possible variations on the design.  Below I have posted some pictures taken from the build instructions to illustrate the steps in building the robot:


Parts used (total cost = $65):

Parts for the hexapod

Servo configuration:

 Servo configuration.

 Servo wiring to Micro Maestro:

Servo wiring to Micro Maestro

Sensor wiring:

Sensor wiring

 Complete electronic assembly:

 Complete electronic assembly

Complete robot assembly:

Complete robot assembly

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