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voice recognition- bs2

Is it possible to have voice recognition with the bs2?

If so please help me out with this 

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There's no way the BS2 itself can handle that kind of processing. It might be possible to buy a separate chip to handle that and have the BS2 just receive simple inputs like "i detected a voice saying 'go forward'" from the separate chip. I don't know what kind of chips to look for though.


depends on what you mean by voice recognition. do you mean a sensor which can detect whether it can hear sounds (incoluding voice of course) or something which can understand words being spoken. The first option could be achieved, but for the second just read TCG's answer!
Voice recognition means to be able to comprehend what they are saying not noise. A BS2 would never be able to handle that. A dsPIC30F or a 32Bit PIC would probably be able to.
I've heard of the Voice Direct 364 by Sensory Inc that can probably be interfaced with a Basic Stamp or any other micro. Saw that Digikey appeared to have them for $49 each.

hmm... i found this webpage.... www.devx.com/dotnet/Article/30866 i don't know how to get microsft .net thingy 


try looking @ this 

 sphinx is supposed to be for embedded systems but i don't know the processing reqirements, i've used festval but its the otherway text -to-> speech

you can download and install c# express from ms for free, in the hopes of m$ getting you hooked on their os :)