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M.A.R.S - 01 (My Autonomous Robot Series)

Navigate around via ultrasound
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I've played around a bit with picaxe for about a year, this is the most ambitious project i've ever taken on and man did I have fun.......and lost a little hair too. but it was worth it. The brains- Picaxe 18A, L293d for the motors and SRF005 for eyes. The SRF005 was just stuck on the servo with blue tack.

The chassis i made at work on our Denford micro router out of some scrap acrylic.


My thanks goes out to all LMR members, you're a wonderful resource especially when you stuck.



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Thanks, yes it is my first.

I needed an led to indicate weather the power was on or not so i fished that one out the bottom of my scrap box. I expected it to be a red or blue one because the lens on it was clear, but what I got was this multi coloured all singing and dancing one when I powered it up (bonus). So you are right there is no code for it. 

looks nice...

i also would like to build something like that, but i have never done it before...

could you help me??

how did you start??

Is this robot your first one??


this is where everyone starts http://letsmakerobots.com/start
Patrick is right thats where i started. actually building the robot is the easy part. Getting your head round the programming is the hard part. But LMR has a wealth of hints and tips that will help you.