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28x2 Board --Your Wish List

Well, with all this Walter work going on, I find myself sorta longing for a small, fun tabletop robot --just to play with. I was looking at the standard picaxe 28x board and again, I remember how much it really sucks. No EEPROM space, ADC's have the data pin in the center, no HPWM output to the motor driver etc. etc. I know I have asked this in the past, but my PCB designing skills have gotten a lot better sense then. So, I ask again...

What pisses you off about the current 28x picaxe board and what would you want if you could have anything?


I am starting to like this little guy, and I think I could make an awesome board with all the bells and whistles while still keeping it pretty small...


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i do not use picaxe but maybe 5v and 3.3v regulators and pins

You sparked an idea, my friend... Maybe a board with perferations!! You get everything and can just "snap off" what you don't want!

And yes, I have no intention of soldering these things or even selling parts to populate the PCB. I just want to make a few for me to play with and pass on a few to those that want them.

Yup, that's what I was thinking. "Biscuit board"?

I would prefer it in kit form. Let me decide which components I want soldered on. Sure a 28 pin DIP socket would be standard, but I don't mind to solder that on myself.

Like I suggested before: optional areas that could be removed when not needed. On the outside of the layout. Small areas that could easily be removed without crippling the core functions. You know, all those little features that do not warrant an extension board or deck or "shield".