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laser cut tracked chassis for Tamiya 70097 motor/gearbox

IMG_1078.jpgIMG_1079.jpgIMG_1082.jpgWell, I got busy tonight and finished up my new tracked robot design! I've been wanting to do this for awhile and finally got around to designing and lasering it out tonight.

 Uses a Tamiya 70097 twin motor/gearbox, Tamiya 70100 track and wheel set and the chassis has built in provisions for either setting it up as a 58:1 or 203:1 ratio on the gearbox.

Parallax Ping is mounted and working.  Strangely, I didn't take any pics with the batteries mounted... I guess that'll have to wait for the video.

Chassis is solid as a rock and has an internal bay for gear, batteries, breadboard etc.

This one took some design effort, but I think it was worth it :-)



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Isn't that expensive?  Do you own a shop or something?


Very cool though, the robot has a very professional look 

I do laser cutting/engraving for my business so I just go out to the shop and recluse :-)

That robot looks awsome by the way. I am in the process of a simular disign only not with the laser cut plastics.

But you will see my robot when I get it finished. I might even take some pictures now while its in progress I have not deceided yet. But on to your robot.

Okay two questions (possibly more)

1. Which chip are you using 28x?

I just had my 40x show up a couple of days ago and thinking that I should have gotten the 28x instead since you can get the starter board for it with the header pins. Oh well I will just make my own.

2. You said that you got the Parallax Ping to work correctly. Did you follow the tutorial on here to do it?

I had an idea for makeing the Parallax Ping work with other chips besides the 28/40x and 8. Though I have not wired it up yet so I don't know if it will work or not.

 If its worth doing, its worth OVER doing!

it's a 28X1

Yep, I used the tutorial here and added some to it (not that my additions to the code are any good :-) )

another amazing chassis! i love your chassises (is that how you say it?) casca! I only suggest one improvement: in my opinion it would look better if you hooked up the wires on the pin the way i did : http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1363  as to make it look neater
I gotta get some shrink tubing this weekend!

that sounds fun even if i don't know what they are! anyways for mine i used the two pin jumpers (3 of them obviously) like the one that's already on the picaxe board (the one which connects the V1 and V2 pins...you know, the header you have to take off if you wanna use two power supplies. it has two slots, one for the pin and one for,in my case, a tiny wire. i then soldered the strands with the metallic piece at the top)

 omg!!! your chassis rocks! (how many times have i said that?? :P)

I told you in another post what that heat shrinking stuff is :)



yeah i know what shrinking plastic is :) it's even in the start here page! but the "tubing" casca was talking about made me think it was not that. :)

Very nice, as always. That design looks pretty sturdy.