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laser cut tracked chassis for Tamiya 70097 motor/gearbox

IMG_1078.jpgIMG_1079.jpgIMG_1082.jpgWell, I got busy tonight and finished up my new tracked robot design! I've been wanting to do this for awhile and finally got around to designing and lasering it out tonight.

 Uses a Tamiya 70097 twin motor/gearbox, Tamiya 70100 track and wheel set and the chassis has built in provisions for either setting it up as a 58:1 or 203:1 ratio on the gearbox.

Parallax Ping is mounted and working.  Strangely, I didn't take any pics with the batteries mounted... I guess that'll have to wait for the video.

Chassis is solid as a rock and has an internal bay for gear, batteries, breadboard etc.

This one took some design effort, but I think it was worth it :-)



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I guess you've been around a lot longer then I was :)

This is what i am attempting to build at the moment, my tamiya tracks n wheels kit arrived today!

I want to buy this chassis!

I just like ur robo

I just want to know that how u made that

post me the detail


i would buy one, i love this robot building stuff. i think different coloured panels would be cool too. I really want the ping! mount
I would like to see this little guy running... Though this is an older post. :P Good job though.
That chassis rocks. What plastic are you using, whats the price and where do you get it from (UK preferably)? I've got access to a laser cutter at school but I don't think they're gonna give me plastic for free...
Well, the website is done and ready to go, just a few hosting issues. Should have everything resolved and ready to take orders Monday I hope!!

maybe I missed it earlier, but what will be the URL?  I'm eager to check it out and order stuff! 


crap... if it is possible to adapt it that would be exelent cause the wood chassi isnt great.