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Birthday Tattoo!!

Well folks,

I just had the 33rd aniversary of my birth and as a gift, my wife gave me 3 more seasons of MacGyver for the DVD collection but more importantly, TATTOOS!!! Yup, a big phat gift cert.!!!! Now, why would I post this news on a geek website like this one? Well, I am going to finally get my wings. Wings of wax on my upper back to remind me of the past times I flew too close to the sun and not to again. Now I needed a roundish symbol to go in the middle and pondered what to do for a while now... I have decided (here comes the geek part)...


A nice round ohm symbol in the middle. Think about it: First off, Ohm (the sound of saying it, like a monk in meditation) but even better, a symbol of resistance. Isn't that friggin' awesome!?!? So much meaning, so visually perfect, so subtly geeky SO AWESOME!

Like that Sparkfun sticker... "Let Your Geek Shine"

Fuck the fuck yeah!!!

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Rik is on the right track, but you should just get ¦¦¦¦¦¦ in black, and a black Sharpie for whatever mood you're in. Connect just the first column and you get "Returning." Connect just the second and you get "Bringing Together, Teamwork."

|¦¦¦¦¦ Returning (復 fù) - Returning

¦|¦¦¦¦ Leading (師 shī) - Bringing Together, Teamwork

¦¦|¦|¦ Limping (蹇 jiǎn) - Halting, Hardship

|||||| Force (乾 qián) - Possessing Creative Power & Skill

Many more options at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching#Binary_sequence - same link Rik offered.

You should get RTFM, or ohms law :)

Right on. Ω is a good one.

I had a friend that was going to get "E=IR" on his arm. Dunno if he ever did. I didn't go for subtle geek though, I have the following on my right forearm


(my son's birthday)

You mean to tell me you have a birthday tattoo'ed in BINARY on your arm?!?!?

Sir, you kick the most ass.... AWESOME!

Omit the leading zeroes and you got it in I Ching binary. Now THAT spells geek-pirate!


would translate (according to the eternal wisdom of The Wiki) to

||¦¦|| 中孚

But I am a Binarist nerd, not a Taoist nerd, so I cannot possibly interpret the significance thereoff.

Yup :D My dad's first comment was "WTF did you do, stick your arm in a printer?" (he hates tattoos). I can't seem to locate the photo of it though. Oh well, it looks really similar to how it does in the post anyway, just in a bold fixed-width font. My tattoo guy hated me for wanting 40 little bitty characters in about 1.25 square inches of space.

Bookmarked for later perusal, when my brain works again. I may have to put that on my other arm :)

That is not subtle geek-dad :D