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Big "M" - The stepper

Stepper with three legs

Hello everyone.
This is my next post on this site. This time I would like to introduce you my next project the "BIG M Stepper".











This robot is also one of the series "simple robots". I bulit it in 10 maybe 20 minuts.
He has three servos, thre sticks, one bumper switch and Picaxe 8M. It only goes forward.








 I also wanted to build an LDR, but:
- I used Pin0 only for programming,
- and pin 3 is only for binary input.
So I built a switch.


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I really like your robots.  This is awesome!



You say it only goes forward. Since it is servo driven, shouldn't you be able to sequence the servos to go either forward or backward? Or did you mean you ony have a sensor in front?

You're right, he can go forward and backward, but because memory in PICAXE 8M is limited, can he only go forward. With the PICAXE 28 would not a problem. 
and so VERY COOL!
Oh! That is really good!!!

ah ah!! very funny little bot   :-)

I love it  ;)