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LMR 2 years old

At the time of writing this, LMR is about to celebrate it's 2 years birthday, and already people are bringing presents in the shape of birthday related pictures and stuff.

Please, if you are doing so, link to it from here (if it is a robot, blog entry etc) - (or directly write below if applicable)

Hoorayy :D

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Will there be virtual cake? (get on it java guys.)



happy birthday lmr...


I dont get it

SCratch scratch


PS: We are more than 10.000 members now!

gcode, chris is also known as the "p. shouter"

index.php?CardID=105848Well done LMR lets have many more




Happy (Advance) Birthday LMR!And Thanks to fritsl.LMR_Birthday.pdf
Who gave the kid coffee and an internet? That's a deadly combo, I know by experience...

Hallelujah and happy birthday LMR!

Been away for quite a while (and not been building robots for a long time) but it's always nice to pop in once in a while and see that everything is prospering and people are still making all sorts of cool stuff and helping each other out.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this site what it is today! Oh yes and thanks to OddBot for writing those cool blog entries from China - actually they are my most valued readings in here, so keep'em coming! :-D


Thanks to everyone who helped make this site what it is today!

That sums it up!