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LMR 2 years old

At the time of writing this, LMR is about to celebrate it's 2 years birthday, and already people are bringing presents in the shape of birthday related pictures and stuff.

Please, if you are doing so, link to it from here (if it is a robot, blog entry etc) - (or directly write below if applicable)

Hoorayy :D

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I didn't know LMR is this young!! I joined thinking that this began longer than two years!! Happy Birthday!!

If you need party I could hook us up with some Vir_gin.


I ment BEER_GIN! :)

Happy Birthday LMR !!!

Heck now you got me going.

I think I will load it up again for a 3rd round.


Hey cos its LMR's Birthday and I like cake


ps sorry about calling you emuller, dunno where that came from.

2 years and 10k strong, what an achievement!!!
The cake is the truth!

There will be cake!

played portal  right emuller?

I have have you?