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Ok, This one is pretty good...

Standard Navigation plus IR Remote Control
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Code Second Brain .bas101 bytes

Well here it is folks,

As you saw from the video, I am using 2 Sharp distance sensors  in a cross-fire configuration. As the head sweeps, only one is activated at a time therefore each is reading it's half of the sweep with a little over lap in the middle. I have found that this is twice as fast as a single sensor having to do a 180 degree sweep. The speaker and tune command work great I even added an amp! However, at the time of the video, I was using an older version of the code I wrote and it wasn't coded to play anything -It is now loaded with the theme from the A-Team like it should be. Both Picaxes have an IR input and will take commands from the remote and can talk to each other via IR -See next picture.


The boards you see (from left to right):

The resistors and cap to make the IR input sensor work

The upper picaxe 14m

The amplifier for the speaker (using a LM386) -It is very loud

The other resistor/ cap board for the IR input sensor for the other 14m

--At the top of the picture in the main body is the main picaxe 14m board and finally the motor driver is on still another board stuffed in to the very bottom chassis. 



Here you can see the 2 IR LED's and Sensors -The green LED's are tied to the IR ones so I know they are working (good for trouble shooting) I still have 4 inputs and 3 outputs left on the upper 14m so I hope to add some more stuff. Maybe a LDR for some automatic headlights! 


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Very cool robot Chris. I love how you got it to work with a remote. Next time use this remote!


You can get it for cheaper at Walgreens. It's what I use at home, just for the laughs.


Near the end of the video you see the IR in the Sharp sensors going. It looks like just one is firing. Is that on purpose or just didn't notice yet? 

Very inspiring!
Very cool! How did you interface it to a remote?


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us...." -Marianne Williamson

Hey Chris,

I really like the way you set it up for autonomous operation or remote control.

I've got to have that.

So far, I haven't found a U.S. supplier for the PICAXE LED020.  Is the Radio Shack

276-640 the same item?

I called a Radio Shack about 20 miles away, and they have 4 in stock.  My local store has none.  :(


Duane S

Impressive work Chris!

I like the way everything is hidden and self contained, does't look like a WALL-E run over by a lawn mower.


There seems to be something wrong with your code, Chris. Your robot is AVOIDING BEER... when he should be running towards it! Wait... Is it because you don´t like to share it?? ;)