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Radio Controlled Servo?

I am completely new to robot building, and electronics in general.  I am currently working on a homemade airsoft claymore.  It is designed to be toggled via a wireless remote control. The issue is that I don't know much about wiring remote controlled systems. I've built a few remote controlled cars, but they were from kits, so I really didn't understand the electronic aspects: I just assembled them by following the instructions. Here is my problem with my current project:

I want a servo to be toggled by a button press on a wireless remote. Basically, when I push the button, the servo rapidly rotates about 45 degrees, releasing a spring platform, which then propels the pellets outward. I don't need the servo to automatically reset itself or anything. Here's a Paint diagram to help with my explanation:


I have skimmed this website, and almost everything about the actual programming/making radio controlled goes right over my head. It seems, based on what I have read, that I would need a servo, a servo controller, a radio receiver, a power supply, and a remote control. I don't know what specifically to use.  This must run off of a battery(s). Also, I don't want to have to carry around a RC car controller with joysticks and stuff. I just want a small controller with a button on it to trigger the servo.

Does anyone have any specific information/advice that would help me?  Thanks. 

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Welcome to the site!

  You could do this with a PicAxe -08M Protoboard, servo, a 38khz sensor and some parts available from Radio Shack. You would use a universal tv remote to control the servo. Plus you could do multiple other functions with the remote buttons. I did the servo control thing with this bot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/13579

  See if this gives you any ideas and search on this site for anything else you need.

kind sir is this site not for learning? , do we no longer strive the better our intelegence?

any way this is easy enough to do , two picaxe/ arduino/ other , some rf links/xbee's and a servo , mechenical side of it is harder but thats for u to design.