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Wifi logic robot

So I was thinking, What if robots didn't do the "thinking" right there but sent it to a pc set to run the logic of the robot and then sent it back to the robot via wifi? I think it would be and faster and more powerfull then doing it on a tiny microcontroller.

Any ideas?

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Seems redundant.

The back and fourth communication would slow the overall process down and depending on how critical speed is, this could make or break what you're working on.  Use a more powerful processor, more memory, send data to a computer, but I wouldn't let it decide on where to go based on the data from the sensors. An exception I guess would be if you were mapping an area, but even then, that would be of limitied use I'd imagine...


I was just thinking the pc would be faster then the microcontroller on the bot, but thanks.

A pc would be faster if it was the brain.

Check this link out.


At the time they were developing this model I was working at another one of the companies that was located in the mothership(Idealabs.com) so I got to see a lot of the test models. These wee cool because they pretty much just used a laptop and mounted it on this platform(or one that they were developing). It would be pretty simple to do on your won now a days, heck maybe even then. These guys had a workshop to build these things though...it was pretty cool. Anyway, thisis what I'd do if I wanted more power...


That's pretty cool, but I was just thinking hypathetical, I have no intention if actually doing something like this in the neer future.
You asked for ideas....which I was trying to provide, thats all...no expectations here...