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robotizing a mechanical walking frame


I'm looking for a device that records my walking motions digitally, and can control servos to imitate my walking forces, balance etc..

You see, I've got this 'mechanical spring-loaded bipedal walking frame' that assists in the walking motion (google search "spring walker" to understand what I mean), and what I want to do with it is turn it into a autonomous walking robot.

I've been thinking that if I attached servos and a computer (brain) to it to record my walking motions, then I can get it to walk on its own...without me strapped into it, that is. But I need advice on what kind of servos (make, model) to use that's powerful enough to move the walking frame. And, also what kind of device or program would allow me to record and save my actions in such a manner that I don't have to keep sorting out the data to tell the computer "when this, do this, etc (if p then q)? Presumably there's a device out there that would do all this for me, and not too expensive? 

I figured I could utilize the info gained by IR sensors taped to the frame to help with the decision making of what king of motion to do at a given situation (i.e. that it doesn't try to clime a hill when walking on the road, or walking when it's suppost to clime, etc.) Can you advise on what IR sensors are good for this particular job?

I don't know the scale of this kind of project, or if it's too difficult to do without expert roboticists on hand, but I'd like to try anyway.

Thanks very much, hope you guys can help.

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this is cool.