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K243 high power dc speed controller , trouble

well, i bought a couple of speed controllers a year or 2 ago ( same ones oddbot's Boozebot used )


and i had them working with the 10k trimpot, but when trying to control them with arduino it wont work 

mysetup: 9v battery to +,- on the screw terminals , arduino pin to sig, motors attached correctly , and secondary power supply on mtr+,gnd

any suggestions?


i got it working, partly my setup was wrong and partly my arduino coding was off , and oddbots tip worked

 thanks :)

thats how they go on the board :P



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i didnt use them on a robot , but i managed to control windscreen wiper motors, you could look at one of these there more expensive , but you dont have troubles with dual power supply etc 

i have no idea i have not experienced this before, maybe it was put together wrong?

Just being curious,  Where did you apply this K243? What kind of motor? Application? Did it worked fine? :)




What could br the problem? MOSFETS? Or the 2 ICS?..damn.. Me too have no clue L

may i ask what project these are being used for?

Hi Dimble,


This project is for my Wi-Fi controlled Tank. :)  I purchased 2pcs K243's and the other one is not working properly; when it goes reverse, it stops after 2 secs; happens when using the external potentiometer and the pulse from arduino. What seems to be the problem?...


My other K243 works, fine.. Thanks to your help





this is not just sending it in reverse , if your board is configured right 50% should be stop.

i have never used these in a practical setup(no robot made) 

so im sorry but i cant answer anymore questions u must try and find some answers on your own

i dont know, as said before use 50% signal to centre motor, that could be used as a brake (maybe?)

Do you have any idea how to make the K243 short the terminals of the motor? Through coding, In a way that the motor brakes.


In your case, how this you brake the motor? You just immediately reverse it while going forward? No problems encountered with K243 when done?




i dont know , i just tried it that way , but servo commands would work as well