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IR puls modulation reciver

Now i have been looking after some info about when you are making a IR obstracle sensor. Is it realy that important with modulation if it is used indoors? And if it is, how do you get it to work, with modulation?

Most people that have made someting with modulation, dosent describe how you make the reciver modulate, or how you proces the data.

I can easily get the sender to modulate, but my question is, how do i get my reciver to modulate, and how do i proces the data.

I will post a schmetic over my circuit as soon as i get it made on my computer. I will use a PIC prosessor with A/D converter, and timers buildt in as brain. The sender will modulate with a frequence of 1Khz and my plan is to set the reciver so it will recive from 900hz-1.1Khz.

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I have never made an IR obstacle sensor, but to receive modulated IR for my laser tag project i just use receiver ICs. Vishay TSOP sensor are an example of receiver ICs and they come in different frequencies. Say you have your LED modulated at 38KHz, then all you have to do is buy an IR receiver tuned at 38 KHz. The cool thing about those is they have everything included: photosensor and demodulator, so all you have to do is plug it in! :=) Easy right?

 example: http://www.vishay.com/ir-receiver-modules/ 

though i'm not sure this is what you need, because with these you can't measure the intensity of the signal, but just if it has been received or not.