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I'm new to the idea of coding and would like to learn more about it, any tips or sites to go to to learn more about coding?

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I wouldn't hold out much hope to an answer to this and admin may even remove this post. I suggest you use google to answer questions like this. After you work out what device(microcontroller) you want to use. Help is freely given here to those who have made an effort. So in answer to your question. Coding is specific to the processor used then there are different languages used to code the device. So, pick a device, choose your coding language and then rtfm. Then and only then ask a specific question about why what you have attempted doesn't work including in your post schematics and code written.

A little more assistance. Picaxe and Arduino are the most popular microcontrollers used in robotics on this group. I would say for a complete newbie like you read up on the picaxe microcontrollers as they are programmed in basic. A very easy to learn but powerful first timers language.

Go here to get the manuals and even perhaps buy a picaxe board. But do some reading first. 



Ya, that was a pretty broad subject, but thanks