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brainless line follower

im trying to build the brainless line follower posted on this site having trouble getting circuit off the ground anybody got any tips orhelp . I am a beginner in robotics and electronics and all this is till confusing to me so any help would be appeciated.

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where are you obtaining parts?


Help us help you. At the very least link to the post you mention. I kow this site pretty well, but have no idea wher a line follower is described in a howto.

Better yet: don't ask general questions like this. Be specific! What did you do already? Which documentation did you find? What exactly does not make sense to you?

You make it sound like you want us to do all your homework. Tough luck! We hate that as much as the next guy.

the schematic is under brainless line follower on this site and i have done my home work i ve located and bought all the parts have made a base and mounted the motors now i hjust have to build the circuit and im not sure how to go aoout do it if you wilol look at the schematic you will be able to answer my questions i dont want any body to anything for me
How are we supposed to know where "Brainless line follower" is on the site. Learn how to use this site and we will be happy to help you.