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Here comes science (kids)

A lot of you already know this but I thought I should give those of you who grew up in the 80's or have kids. They Might Be Giants is doing kid's albums about science now and the music kicks the most ass. The album is called "here comes science" and is awsome all the way through. My kids are now officially addicted to the elements song. Here it is:


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the chinese chicken... Always think of that song when I hear the Giants. Good on them Thanks for the link.

Here's a link for you if your still pondering that tattoo  http://www.robotliving.com/tatoos-2/

I do like the idea of ohm as symbol of resistance that was suggested. What are we resisting though?

Silly me it was bare naked ladies that sang the chicken song(one week). So many groups it's easy to forget. Maybe the chicken in your picture confused me.

; )