Let's Make Robots!

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Nice, neat work.  I especially liked the chase scene where your robot caught the flying dish!

 I always get my thumbs mixed up and turn left instead of right when the robot is coming towards me instead of going away.

 I don't think you are the first one in this group to burn your fingers with a soldering iron.  It really does hurt!


OddBot's picture
It's good to see you with your own robot page. I hope we will see more of your robots.
Michi 2000's picture
Certain. I have great pleasure with the building of robots.
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Very nice, wont be too long till you start with micro controllers. 
Michi 2000's picture
I would like in the future begin with PICAXE.
But first I want to understand, how works current or switschs, etc.
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Good work son :)