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Looking for serial servo controller

I hope this is the right forum category.

I am looking to operate 12~ servos with a serial connection and i'm looking for a serial board that will either be compatable with the picaxe X1's or the arduino 2009. Sparkfun only seems to have an 8 servo controller and i've been out of the robotics area for a while and don't know where to look. 

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I was looking at the parallax 16 servo controller


which is $40 but after seeing the ssc which is also the same price it may be hard chosing between the two.The ssc looks interesting but i wish it had more inputs. Has anyone ever had any experience with the parallax one? I may end up trying that so i can keep the arduino seperate and free for any other attachments i might want to add later. thanks for the advice, and i appreciate all input

The arduino 2k9 can handle 12 servos by itself (with arduino-017's servo library)

Lynxmotion still has their SSC-32 for about $40

http://www.pololu.com/catalog/category/12 lots of controllers there and some over 12 servo control.