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I would be much more tempted to order if the site ran over HTTPS.

 And also if there was a physical postal address and phone number somewhere on the site so buyers can check it isn't bogus. 

https only counts when you are putting your credit cards in, that part is done through paypal which is https, no information gets taken over http other than your address. 



As for the telephone number and address, that is coming. I dont have a business address as i run it from home at the moment.

 I can understand your concerns in regards to that and will remedy it as soon as possible. 

if the https works out to be an issue or i start turning enough of a profit to justify it then i will invest in https.  

I saw the Mastercard / Visa etc logo at the bottom and assumed you were processing yourself. But if it is via PayPal then yes there is no need for HTTPS (in my opinion anyway).

I was a little disappointed that when I clicked "Shipping" on the left it clearly states "Shipping is included in the price.", yet when I get to the checkout it wants to charge me an extra £2.50 per item for shipping?

It then also took me straight to PayPal without giving me a total (including shipping) before hand.


You seem to have some good stuff on there, but a little more information on the items would be useful, for instance...

 With the Jumper pack, how many jumper wires are actually included?
 With the motors, what are the output shafts like? I always find it troublesome ordering motors and wheels because I don't know which wheels will fit without modification. Listing compatible wheels on the motor information page would help.


One final niggling thing, is that I have to keep scrolling down the page whenever I select a new category. The header and top horizontal menu are quite tall some this can become annoying.


You seem to have some good items on there. I have registered an account and if you can give me some more info on the motors / wheels and sort out the shipping cost then I may place an order :) 

I apologise about the shipping, i recently installed a shipping ,odule that i was configuring to add more options and hadnt realised that it had been put live, i have taken it off now untill i get it working fully. 


 In the jumper packs there are approximatly 140 jumpers, 100 male to male connectors and 40 female to female cables. 

 I see your point on the usability of the site, i will see if i can remedy this.

Which motor is it that you are interested in?

The 130 motor comes with a geared shaft on it and the dgo1d/dgo12 both come with plastic screw in adapters. 

If you can hold off your order then i will be posting a discount code for LMR members.


thank you for your invaluable feedback and as a good will gesture when you are ready to place your order i will send you a pack of jumpers for free.  


Hi Everyone, 


I am setting up a blog for my shop  that will contain tutorials, articles and robot related posts. Would anyone be interested in having an account so that they can post articles? 

Hi, me again :)


I have looked at the information about the motors on your site and on the Dagu price list up here on LMR.

Firstly, the information for DG01D and DG02S seems to be the other way around on your site than it is on the Dagu list.

Secondly, the prices in the Dagu list are for a pack of 2 motors. Is the item on your site a pack of 2, or a single motor?


Thanks in advance. 



I have rectified the error on the site, there was a mix up of what i thought was images but turned out to be content so i have swapped the descriptions so they are both now correct. The single axle geared motor is for two per pack and the two axle is one per pack. 



I have placed an order for a couple of things. Order number 6 :-)


I had a few problems with Opera when it took me to PayPal for payment, seemed to work fine in IE8 though.

Hi Dan, thank you for your order and feedback, i will look into the opera problem tomorrow. Your order will be sent in the morning along with your free jumper wires. 


Again, thank you for your custom and feedback.