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balance on two wheels

Introducing Scooty, my first attempt at robotics.

Scooty is a self-balancing two-wheeled bot, which loftly aims at being the prototype for a larger ridable version (someday =).  Lots of info about the project can be found @ zappedlab.com.

Thanks for looking!


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this is your first robot?!?! my first "robot" was a toothbrush head and a pager motor rofl.

great job. ;)

Great balancing. Respect! It somehow reminds me on these segways. Are you able to also remote control it?
I have seen a few of these and always wonder, does it just balance or can it balance and move where you want it to?

Nice video, I like Scooty, very well done. How do you like the BaneBots wheels? Im interested in them but think they may not be too durable. Im thinking of using them (2x .8wides)  for a sumobot powered by Black and decker motors and am worried about shreading the wheels in the 1st day on pavement. I want tons of traction but that usually sacrifices treadwear.


Again Very well done.

That's damn impressive for a first robot!

 Is the shown routine just to go forward while balancing?

Great job.
I think you are going to keep us entertained with creations from your lab.

thanks for the comments all!

@g00ze & patrickmccabe - plan is to control it remotely someday soon. I have the nordic FOB (bottom picture on site's gallery) finally talking to the pic32.  Twas the xmas project this year with my brother in town. Until then, it's just a balancing bot that balances =)

@wohn - I like the wheels, but must admit that I haven't put them through much abuse.  As you say, they have great traction.  Scooty has had a few outdoor trips (on ice, even), but the act of balancing doesn't lend itself to much burnt rubber. =)

It is impressive in sense of very good control algorithm you have emplyed.