Let's Make Robots!

New and need ideas where to start =]

Hey im new to all this i baught myself a picaxe 28A project board pritty nice just made my first little program run on it ill post that and erm yea well i dunno where to go from there thing is i realy do not want to just copy peoples code etc as thats just screwing up the fun of making your OWN robot well thats how i see it so im learning basic. it dont seem to basic tho ¬¬ lol so has naybody got any ideas for me etc love to here from people thanx =]

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i dont no if this works its the same as the diagram further up i think it should work tho and as for diff colour wires i dont have any i only have blue

also what do you mean its a wired BB ?

 thnx RICH 

as long as you can figure out what goes where and you don't cross the + with the - , that will work. I use the different color wires due to the some mistakes I've  almost made before...and overl quicker understanding from where I've left off and come back to it.


what I was saying about the board was that pretty much all that I've seen have 2 additional rails on the outside, usually for the power lines to connect.


note the red and blue lines....some have dual power buses like the example (2 one either side or one on either side). The ones I use have single lines, one on each side.  Your board doesn't have any....unless of course you removed them. One of my boards also has that option...but I use em so I leave em on. 

haha yer i no wot you mean and no it doesnt have any because it simply didnt come with any its just a small BB and the size up has the power terminals would help alot if i had these tho lol anyways once i have attatched this to my robot witch ill be showing you lot by next week hopfully but i need some help in using sonar instead of IR i have seperate sending and recinving parts of the sonar i just need help as to where to putt them and no soldering plz as i dont have a solering iron as of yet =] w.b

righto, no worries on the bb, as long as it works for what ya need.  :)

 as far as the sonar, I haven't tried one on the axe yet, just the ir one... a gp2d12 . I think there are some posts for the sonar on this board, I'd take a look around or do a search.

yes i do have a normal one that is on a board but then id have to solder and i cant atm so need help with this anyone plz =]


Can I get some puntuation? I would settle for just a few commas... ...is it too much to ask for full, real-life words?

im sorry im not to good with my english didnt pass it, im sorry can you help with my problem tho ?

I am sorry. I'm not to good with my English, I didn't pass it. I am sorry. Can you help me with my problem, though? 

 There you go, was that helpfull??

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

*claps* ¬¬ I'm not to good at spelling OK theres no need to take the.... how should i put it micky :) haha