Let's Make Robots!

Finally ordered parts...

Well, I finally ordered some parts again. This time from Solarbotics because of their support guarantee. Plus they've been really cool with emailing back and forth with me as of late.

I went with the Arduino for the brain this time around.  I also got an IR sensor plus two light sensitive resistors to make that dark seeking robot I thought of forever ago. The idea was to create a bot pair that would play hide and seek. One would seek out a dark corner, and the other would go look in dark corners for the other bot using IR or something similar. Not sure yet. Still need to get the understanding electronics part down first :)

So, when it gets here the first thing to do will be to blink an LED. I'll feel like a king after that.

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Solarbotics is indeed a great site with great service. It's good you're starting with a blinky light, and I can testify, it does make you feel like king!