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Please, help me with PICAXE Programming Editor!

I'm beginner of Picaxe Programming Editor. Please, help me!

How  can i  do, that robot play the sound of Mario's theme or Nokia tune?

I should do, that robot drive around the circle near 30 cm.How?



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There are a few different commands that produce sound for the Picaxe.

From within the Picaxe Editor, go to help and pull down the manual. Look up the following commands:

  • sound
  • tune
  • play

Some of the smaller processors (Picaxe-08) can only use the sound command. Which processor are you using?

The play command only lets you play one of four pre-loaded songs; that is no good for your purpose. Sound lets you specify a series of notes and their durations. The tune command is your best bet. It lets you set the tempo and then a series of notes. There's a Tune Wizard in the Editor should be helpful.

For driving in a circle, it depends on your robot. I'll assume  you have two wheels that are independantly driven by two motors. I can think of a few tecniques for driving in a circle:

  • Drive one wheel at full speed, and the other a less than full speed, using the pwm command.
  • Drive one wheel at full speed, and cycle the other wheel on-off, on-off, to approximate a circular path.
  • Build line following capabilities into your robot, and have it follow a 30 cm circular line on the floor.

It sounds like you are a beginner. You might benefit from a careful review of the start here robot. It may answer a lot of your basic questions. This is a great place to start learning.

Welcome to LMR and good luck!