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Robot (soul) Transfer

Once robot 1 (off track) drives onto the circled tracks, it converts power (turns on) robot 2 (on track) .     

Both are autonomous

Robot 1 is Robot 2's on switch

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If I understand correctly, you are going to use a magnet on one robot to pull up a relay and provide power to the other robot?  That is doable, but I would think they would need to pull power from another set of rails.  So you would need 4 rails, a set to guide the robots, the third rail to provide power to robot #1 and rail four to provide power to robot #2.  I may be completely worng about what you are trying to accomplish.
Is that all it does?

when robot1 drives onto the circled tracks, it shuts off but robot 2 turns on


ok so your thinking of building two robots that react together once robot 1 has moved on the rails i dont quite understand  but looks good