Let's Make Robots!

Frits F*cked up!

Did anyone else notice this? Start here... Anyone?

Frits, if there is one thing that pic chips don't like, it is static! You know those silly wrist straps? So why, why in the world, would you take pictures of all your parts for the start here bot on top of styrofoam?!?!?!?

I personally can not think of a more static-friendly item then styrofoam. Why are you leading our LMR kids on the wrong path?


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And you are very right, frits... These picaxe's are pretty iindestrutable. I fried one when I shoved 14.4v into an input pin but in realitly, I later found I just fried that one pin! The rest of the chip worked great.
I'm not as daring as you, but I've run mine off of 6v without an issue....never gets hot, only issue I'd suspect would be the internal osc might be a little touchy.
may I add that in my entitre 47 years on earth I also have never smoked a picaxe :D
I can only say blabla! I never fried a Picaxe. Never!

I never thought of it before but I have bough chips that are pressed into a piece of styro.


G-Code. Since you scraped that Navigation Code your ASS was officially kicked. You are now free Sir to roam the site without Balls.

@ZeitronScraped?  Are you sure you don't mean scrapped?

And he was making a post reffering to the original post, why'd you post this.. here? (or at all actually, lol.)



Same here! I've got a few chips, but it seems more compact or something different from "normal" stryofoam you find in like TV boxes and VCR's, stuff like that.  I haven't had any problems that I know of (so far) and they're all still stored on it, I only use it every so often.. so it's less likely I'd have problems.


We should go on a styrofoam ban!

OH No Sir. He surely Scraped it. Type "Clean Navigation Using IR" in the search bar. Then go to the second page and read the "Chicken Farmer Woot" paragraph. Then decide for yourself if he Scraped it or Scrapped it. Here is the quote below.

"You will be pleased to know that I have scraped the old code and have started from scratch."

Sure Do. I like them kicked by robots. It's fun to watch. Look into those eyes. Don't they look amused?
You sure like asses, huh?