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Make Controller

Vendor's Description: 

The Make Controller Kit is a fully programmable,open source hardware platform for projects requiring high performance control/feedback, connectivity, and ease of use. It is based on the Atmel SAM7X256, which is an ARM7TDMI processor with 64k of ram and 256k of flash. It is programmable in C and includes an RTOS for multitasking, though this is optional.

Application board features:

  • 8 analog inputs - 10-bit inputs read voltages from 0-3.3V while protecting the controller from higher voltages.
  • 8 high current digitial outputs - can be configured to drive 8 individual outputs, 4 DC motors, 2 stepper motors, or any combination.
  • 4 standard servo controllers - easily provide external power for driving large loads.
  • 8 position DIP switch - for manual configuration.
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces - can be used simultaneously.
  • CAN interface - for networking several boards together.
  • JTAG port - for on-chip debugging.

It consists of 2 parts, the CONTROLLER board and the APPLICATION board

Controller board overview:


Application board overview:



Powerful and kinda expensive, but it includes a whole load of features.  Only gotchas so far are that serial communications are not accessible without soldering wires or headers onto the board,  and I2C is not usable without modifications to the board, but there is a how-to on this at the site.