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Move on snow!


Arh! I wanted to shoot a new video in sunshine and everything. So I found a time where I could film it, and I started by having a little fun.. and then it tipped over, while sliding around.. and the propellar broke!! i don't have another here now, so no video!

(if you have a propellar that you can spare, i would be happy :)


Original post:

So, Del Rudolph have just opened the option for posting "Something Else" on LMR, and I wanted to be first!

2 hours to build, filmed in the dark, edited and uploaded while eating!

Basically I had the motor and RC-hookup from an ol RC car that had crashed it's last time.

i took the propellar from a plane that also had it's last crash, cut some polystyrene and mixed it all with tape, wooden sticks and polymorph.

I asked my daughter what it should be named, and she replied "Trata!" (i think it may because she was talking about something else, she has a thing going about tractors thee days)

It was impossible to film and control at the same time, crap video, I know. Maby I will get to make a better one on a sunny day. And maby it can sail on water as well?

OH! Bummer, I forgot to include letsmakerobots.com on video and picture, shite, sorry! (Let's hope it doesnt end up on any blogs in the form it is :)

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Hovercraft? Yea!

Now either add a brain and make it a robot, or make one big enough to carry you. ; j

I think it can sail. But the water is frozen :)
Haha.. see what Youtube put after this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t08MG-ySrAc&NR=1

I used to make airboats from 2 ltr plastic soda bottles hot glued side by side.

The only problem is if you use a RC car type speed control when driving on water.

WHY? because they have reverse, which tends to flip them over backwards.


So I'd advise you to treat your electronics with CorrosionX before running this on water.

Check out a friends video showing how to use it:




 Looks nice but dangerous. Winter is my hibernation time.
Which provides better control a servo controlled rudder (Trata) or a servo actuated motor (Trata II)?

Servo actuated motor (Trata II) - way more excact control!

What I figured but I wasn't sure if it came with side effects. If I had a prop and more importantly snow I'd love to make one of these.

Ah - I first thought it might be a hover craft - and if you have enough power, would that be a fun/worthwhile modification?

maybe just pointing the pusher fan directly down and adding a skirt, but maybe you'd need another fan to steer - or you can just duct the main fan to push it around about?

/end braindump.