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hi dudes,, currently im workin on a robotic project..

TASK: robot that can lift 250gms of cube block.of dimension 10*10cm(block shd b lifted atleast 10cm height).and it should also move 2 certain distance with that load......

pls tel me wich motors would b very useful to lift dat much weight...i hav chosen DC GEARED motor....wil dat b useful

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Hi Dudes,

Currently I'm working on a robotic project...


A robot that can lift a 250g block with dementions of 10cm*10cm.

The block should be lifted at least 10 cm, also, the robot should be able to move a certain distance with that load.

Please tell me which motors would be useful to lift that much weight. -I have chosen a DC geared motor, will that be useful? 


I think you should have a look at worm gears, so you can lock in position without having the motor to use power.

(Thanks for translating)


Excellent.  Let us know how your project is going and post some pice as you progress.

BTW, any motor with proper gearing and/or fulcrum point could lift that weight (theoretically).