Let's Make Robots!

Norway LMR Beer???

Hi, everybody!

I know everybody is busy with his (her) own business, but I feel if I do not post it I will feel bad :) I'm i Stavanger, Norway at the moment for training. Enyone wants to meet for a beer in sake of robotics? :) 

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I live in Denmark, but actually I try to tell my wife that we should move to Norway!

PS: We beat you in handball yesterday :D


No, but i must comment due to the awesomeness of the topic - Norway LMR Beer!!!


To remain slightly robot related - ever tried home brewing over there? - i guess you would need a heater/thermostat setup

Hmm, :) imagine beer machine... you throw a magazine to it and it comes back to you with a FRESHHHH mug of beer... mmmm :)))
I'm a home brewer. I have some of my award winning Wild Berry Stout still in the keg downstairs. It's about time to brew another batch, though.

AAaahhhh :D

I need a home brewery :))) Somethingfor shopping list :)