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The RHex way of moving

Wow - just stumpled over this:


I really like the way it moves. Specially at the last part of the video, where it is "running". One day, with 6 small geared motors.. I have to make something like that! :D

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They tried to make this into a car. Unfortunately the chassis weighed too much.


There seems to be about a dozen institutions and companies involved in this project. I've seen sandbox innovation's robots up close at a conference a few months ago - and it's pretty much identical (I also know they have relations with UPenn, one of the partners mentioned in the video just posted. Here's another:



That has got to be the best all purpose design I've seen. Although mechanically simple I bet its program is a bit more complex when you look at the different leg movement patterns. I suppose it is possible to have preprogramed patterns with minimal feedback.

By making the legs out of two sheets of thin spring material joined at the foot and adjusted at the hip (similar to a bi-metal strip) it would be possible to make them change from curved for walking to straight for swimming.

Just found this video on the bot. I really dig this project :)


Impressive walking on two legs. Is that really neat, or an awful waste?!
wow...that thing is fricken cool.....loved the uw ability with the filler like action...

Here's the earlier University of Michigan development website of RHex :


And a paper :


Oh wow, they have given it some thought :D


Videos: http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/RHex/RHexmovies.html


 Yes, the RHex (what's with the dog-fetish anyway?) is without a doubt more sophisticated than i suggest. What I'm saying is that it is possible to fake some of the functions, with easier work-arounds

As for "a really low tech way of detecting the spins": the guts of an old ball mouse (not laser) seems like a good place to start. There are several different hacks on internet utilizing these encoder. It might not be exstremly low tech, but they're small..


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Hmm.. 6 mice.. 6 input.. 6 * 2-directional motors.. hmm..

Considering just hooking it up to 2 motor controllers, turn it on and see it go crazy :)