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The Pulse - 2010w04

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

Happy Birthday

All over again

Feast you eyes

What's with the chicken?

Is it a naughty thing?


Is it dead yet?

The LMR Bot Comm. Prot.

.-.. -- .-.


Final thoughts

8-P !


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Even the bot knows it when it see it - "Rattling keen job!"



I really liked "...and i faculty be backward"


edit = For posterity's sake, here's the (not spam part of the) post we're talking about, in case it disappears;
"I right be in bed with your weblog! Rattling keen job! Nevertheless you can do various things to enrich it, and i faculty be backward"

We or ... let's better say some of the more gifted writers among us could just write stuff ... and maybe rik could put it together to keep the Pulse ... er The Pulse? 

... and intention is what maters :)

Maybe if you got tired of it someone else should jump in?


There can be only one!
But someone else could of course make something similar?!

"The Pulse" == rik

Maybe a clone?

Get Gareth to write the "esluP"? :D

I feel the tension building already..........

But you will have to install this search engine Rudolph    elgoog

Rik is our Albatross and the Ancient Mariner (LMR) would better not slay him ....... Alass "JimLad" the ship will loose its "wind" and run aground ....Ohh Arrrrrr.

Maybe we need to feed him with more "Juicy" fish.