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Hooking up the sensor for Start Robot

Note, this description is vague, but I'm trying to describe what I'm asking the best I can.

On the Start tutorial, the sensor was connected to the board's pins right behind (or one right behind) where you plug a USB cable into the board to write code for it. Does it matter where on that little area of pins you hook it up? Without second-checking, I soldered a pin onto the back row. It's still in the same little rectangle of pins to connect the sensor, just not on the same row. Will this affect the process at all besides programming? Or do I need to solder another pin onto the row shown in the Start tutorial?

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Thank you ignoble. That's the answer I was hoping for.

If I am understanding what you are showing us, you have soldered a pin in the 'analog d' row of pins instead of the 'analog a' row of pins. You can use this row instead of the ones outlined in the walk-through, but you will have to adjust the code to use the correct analog input.

If you don't want to track down and correct the code, and if you have another pin available, just solder the additional pin where you were originally supposed to. There is no need to remove the first one you put in, as it will probably be handy for another project some day.

the start here tutorial exactly as it is. How hard is it to desolder the pin and move it to the correct place? Or perhaps you are just curious about what these pins do. Do you have the document for the board you are using? If not go here and download.


Page 6 gives the explanation of the analogue input pins. Which is what that group of pins behing the programming socket is. If you were to connect the sensor on the row where you soldered the pin you would need to change the code where it checked the sensor on pin Ain1 to pin Ain3 instead.

It's just...instead of soldering a pin onto where the Start tutorial soldered a pin, I soldered it on a few rows back where the arrow is pointing to.



Impossible to tell without a picture.

Either take a photo o edit one of the images from the tutorial and post it in this thread.