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Dancing droplets

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My main passion is photographing and this has led me into the world of electronics and microcontrollers.

The object of this device is to vibrate a membrane using a speaker, making small droplets of paint bounce up of it and trigger camera and flash in the correct moment.

The device has 3 knobs for setting;

-          Camera delay (from the tone start)

-          Flash delay (from the camera)

-          Tone of sound (and a switch for white noise)

There are two PICAXE microcontrollers in use.

The small PICAXE-08M is used for the tone generator and the PICAXE-28x1 is used for controlling the sequence of camera / flash / LCD. Actually you don’t need an LCD but it looks way cooler and helps you dial the correct delay more easily.    

The ‘membrane unit’ is made of an old PC speaker (with amplifier)

A fun little project if you’re in to photography.

Pictures taken with this system


The system in use


The old speaker with a plexiglass insert





Putting it all together


inside the box


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How nice!!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

It was excactly this kind of stuff I hoped to see when we opned for the "something else"'s :)

I dare you to post a video! This looks awesome.
I’m afraid that it would be a boring video. The photos are taken in a dark room and the flash is only on 1/20.000 sec J

Thats a pretty cool project, and I have couple of questions.

When triggering the shutter, do you hold it open and trigger the strobe separately or do you actually have it timed to the shutter release with both being controlled by the mcu?  

Were you able to find plug sockets for the shutter release for your camera or did you make one up? 

Nice pics btw, this makes me want to take apart a sub woofer I have and experiment with something like this.  :D 

I have seen these and i am do not know if i just do not understand cameras or what. But how is it triggered to take a picture, as in how does it actually make the camera snap a picture? i see that it triggers the flash but does it not also trigger the picture taking button ?

I was curious of the same thing. I know that most slr cameras have a remote shutter release cable and have considered hacking a cheap one to trigger the shutter as it's pretty much a button switch.


I think you can also get ir triggers for the camera. 

Very good- you should try it with custard, you know, the non-Newtonian liquid thing...