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need some help regarding basics!!

hello everyone.. well i m a very new but enthusiast member of this society. well i need some help. well initially i want to make a simple obstacle avoider ,working on differential drive algorithm and using photoresistors. i wish to know that how should i decide that which will be the best motor for the wheels which i want to have 8 c.m. diameter. and do i need to go thru some books on any purticular tutorial in programming before i start with it. plz reply.

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that is really ridiculous. and please i dont want anybody to do any kind of homework for me. no need to put forward the girl topic.. i am as capable as you people are and surely have the confidence that ,will be better than you in a couple of days. so kindly keep away such comments in near future.

i just wanted some suggetions,no homework plz. anyways thanks a lot. i will soon post my robot's entry in the new project segment.

and fritz please keep helping



If all it has to do is go in a straight line, all you would need is solar cells --> (battery/capacitors) --> motor. 

For $20, check this out:  http://www.solarbotics.com/products/make06solarroller/

There is a PDF with nice pictures and step-by-step guide here: http://dev-blog.makezine.com/archive/2007/05/solar_robot_instructions.html

Replacing the polycrystalline solar cell in the kit with a more efficient monocrystalline solar cell ought to make it go faster.

Maybe one of these http://www.partsonsale.com/solarcells.html will give you the winning edge. ;)


hello !!! i wish to Construct a machine which uses solar power as the only source of energy to race a 1000mm straight track in the minimum time. this photovore will get energy from the halogen lamps. 15*15*15 c.m. are its dimensions.it has to be fast to cover 100 c.m. in the least time.plz can anybody help me with this. i am very new in robotics but ready for the hard work. if some sites or books are present to help me with this photovore please send me the names.it has to use solar cells no other form of energy is allowed in the compitition . lookong forward for your help. thanks ///TANISHA
First thing to note is that there will be very little power available from solar cells.  They're very inefficient, and you will find that the power output is tiny compared to, say, a battery.  But you could add a supercapacitor (or two) if you can find a way to store up energy before the run and then release it.  If that's within the rules, of course.

This is starting to sound like a lame attempt to get us to do your homework for you. Don't think pretending to be a girl will work either.


Now hold on a second!  Pretending to be a hot girl may do it!  ;)

I think that you

A) Should try to make a little more yourself, and ask when you get stuck

B) Should ask in a seperate thread