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need some help regarding basics!!

hello everyone.. well i m a very new but enthusiast member of this society. well i need some help. well initially i want to make a simple obstacle avoider ,working on differential drive algorithm and using photoresistors. i wish to know that how should i decide that which will be the best motor for the wheels which i want to have 8 c.m. diameter. and do i need to go thru some books on any purticular tutorial in programming before i start with it. plz reply.

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The Start Here robot looks to be a good design, modifiable to your requirements. The PICAxe probably has a couple of A/D pins that could read photoresistors, though they might not be the best in obstacle avoidance. The IR sensor on the Start Here robot would be much better at detecting obstacles. The type of motor depends upon how heavy the robot is, the type of terrain the robot moves on, and how fast the robot needs to travel. There are a number of good motors, such as RC servos and Solarbotics gearmotors that already have good wheels fitted for them (not an easy task without good tools), though they might be smaller than 8 cm.
Stop using text speak on a website. it can get annoying. If you try google you can help yourself.

I will add to that: Also stop making topics with non-meaningful subject lines. Imagine if everyone made "please help me" headlines - what a crap website this would be!

Please write the best english you can, and please try to contribute to the community by asking clearly and simple, so that the next person with the same problem can find the answer - simply by reading the subject / headline.



sorry for that subject line.actually this is my first post .

i will consider such things in near future.

thanks again

Cool :)

(And welcome!)

what are headers and what is the difference between male and female headers?

i tried to search some information on net but could not find anything relevant.

kindly help....

Here is a female header and here is a male header.They are connectors and when they shag, you have a connection. You probably know these from connecting IDE harddisks.


thanks...........i got it. :)

WHAT are male and female jumpers and what is their use?

their use? to connect things! example: connecting a sensor to your picaxe board