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XMOS XS1-L1-64 Development Board - Sparkfun

Vendor's Description: 

Note: This board is by Sparkfun. See http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9428 for latest.

Description: This is a development board for XMOS's impressively powerful XS1-L1, multi-threaded processor. The XMOS development board includes a XS1-L1-64 processor in a 64LQFP package.

XMOS Features:

  • Event driven processing at 400MIPS
  • 64 kBytes of SRAM
  • 8 threads
  • 36 user I/O pins
  • 8 kBytes of OTP memory for application boot code and security keys
  • A typical power consumption of 450µW/MHz
SparkFun's development board for this processor provides an FT232 to support a UART over USB, a JTAG header for either loading your code onto the external SPI flash or running your code as an XCore application, and 32 user I/O pins broken out for your prototyping needs. The board comes with the SPI flash already programmed with some simple example code, send the UART a space bar character in a terminal emulator and watch the LEDs and the I/O ports blink!

The XS1-L1 is easy to use. The processor can be programmed using the XMOS Design Tools. A design tools supported USB to JTAG converter is needed to load your code onto the XS1. Our development board can be programmed in the XMOS Development Environment as if it were the XC-5 Development Board.


Board: 2.5x3.3"


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Note: This board is by Sparkfun.